Discover the power of connected lighting

    With a focus on quality of light, enhanced efficiency and data-driven insights, connected lighting brings LED lighting and information technology together to take light beyond illumination. And with the ability to collect and share data, it has the power to transform how we live.

    Quality of light
    when and where it’s needed

    Personalizing the experience

    Deliver quality of light across different applications with LED light recipes that meet the requirements of the space and task. Personalize the lighting solution with software apps and controls to ensure a unique, customized experience.

    Energy savings
    up to 80%

    For a sustainable future

    Maximize efficiency and improve operations with energy-efficient LED lighting and the Internet of Things. Data from connected lighting systems provides insight into activity patterns while remote monitoring and controls allow for the adjustment of lighting levels and schedules.

    Data-driven insights
    inform decision-making

    With knowledge comes power

    Harness the power of the Internet of Things with connected LED lighting that monitors for outages and measures usage to help plan maintenance and increase operational efficiency. Add sensors to the lighting system to collect data for greater insight and to support additional value-added applications.

    Take a two-minute tour
    of the possibilities

    Can lighting go beyond illumination?

    Can it gather information?

    Change our mood?

    React to our presence?

    Make business more efficient?

    Take a look and discover.

    How connected lighting works

    With connected lighting
    you're connected everywhere

    Connected lighting opportunities in cities

    Discover more

    Philips innovation for cities

    CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting from Philips. It allows you to control street lights and analyze lighting data.

    Philips innovation for retail

    LED based indoor positioning can help you enhance your customer's in-store experience and improve store operations by providing hyper-accurate indoor location services.

    Philips partners in innovation

    In this rapidly changing landscape, collaborating with the right partners is the key to success.

    Innovating the Internet of Things

    Philips Lighting is powering smarter cities, more efficient buildings and innovative retail experiences by providing real-time data insights from secure connected lighting systems and the Internet of Things.