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    LED supermarket lighting

    Smart supermarket lighting

    Supermarket lighting is about balancing energy efficiency and cost savings, while creating a memorable experience in stores. StoreWise smart retail lighting lets you do all three. In addition to attractive LED lighting that reduces energy costs, lighting controls and software drive further energy savings while providing an excellent in-store experience to enhance sales and build your brand.


    StoreWise is a future-ready platform that provides a completely unique solution for your store. It helps you optimize the appearance of products, while creating the right ambiance for shoppers and guiding them through your store – all using the power of light. Easy to install and maintain, StoreWise lets you create personalized lighting schemes and dimming schedules using our convenient app for store managers,

    Smart supermarket lighting - Energy-efficient luminaries with centralized controls and software apps
    to match the rhythm of the day and enhance specific areas during a promotion or special event. Unlock the benefits of smart retail lighting immediately with flexible packages that combine energy-efficient luminaires with centralized controls and software apps.

    StoreWise benefits at a glance

    Boost stopping power and sales with Philips Lighting’s StoreWise LED grocery store lighting
    Save on energy

    Create memorable experiences

    Boost stopping power and return visits with a welcoming environment where products always look their best.

    Save on energy

    Save energy

    Save an additional 35% on energy costs with a smart dimming control system, on top of savings achieved by switching to LED.

    Save on energy

    Control supermarket lighting easily

    Easily change lighting scenes or schedules and view status information via a mobile app with wireless control capabilities.

    Save on energy

    Future-proof your business

    Improve efficiency by integrating supermarket lighting with facility operations systems – plus easily add new stores to your system as you grow.

    What’s possible with StoreWise


    StoreWise is a connected LED supermarket lighting system that you can use in one store or many. The savings build as you add additional features like daylight harvesting, scheduling and presence detection.

    How StoreWise works

    StoreWise includes tools that make it simple to get the most out of your lighting system.
    Boost stopping power and sales with Philips Lighting’s StoreWise LED grocery store lighting
    Storewise user interface

    StoreWise User Interface
    The mobile application lets you create and edit presets, edit schedules, and check status, as well as select preset options manually.
    Dry contact devices

    Lighting controls
    Controls allow you to use smart dimming, scheduling and zoning, while integration devices allow you to connect your lighting system with third-party systems, including security, HVAC and BMS.

    Sensors make it possible to detect activity and dim or brighten as necessary.
    Led luminaires

    LED luminaires
    We offer a full range of LED luminaires for retail including accent, linear and general lighting.
    Fresh food lighting recipes

    Fresh food lighting recipes
    Enhance food presentation and reduce food waste with Fresh food luminaires and lighting recipes.

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