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    A smart room control system

    Put the wow factor into your guest experience 

    Inspire customer loyalty with the perfect guest experience. RoomFlex smart room control systems combine sensors, innovative lighting and systems integration to reimagine customer service.


    Raise the bar on service levels with hotel rooms that detect guests, adjusting lighting and room temperature instantly to make them feel at home. Guests can personalize settings easily via the room control system, and can even choose to wake up naturally to light, instead of an alarm.


    Plus make your hotel more efficient with the RoomFlex dashboard, which integrates with HVAC and other hotel management systems to provide visibility of energy lighting use and room occupancy across your hotel.

    RoomFlex guest room control system for hotels by Philips Lighting

    RoomFlex benefits at a glance

    Philips Lighting’s RoomFlex puts guests in control while giving hotel managers greater visibility

    Make guests welcome

    The guest entry activates a welcoming lighting scene, HVAC, opens curtains and activate housekeeping alerts.


    Improve the guest experience

    Guests use their room control system to personalize lighting and set their preferred temperature. Sensor-activated anti-stumble lighting safeguards guests at night while a simulated sunrise wakes them naturally.


    Save energy

    Detect daylight and guest room occupancy and adjust lighting and other systems instantly.


    Improve operational efficiency

    Gain a complete real-time view of your guest rooms and service requests via a dashboard you can integrate with other hotel management systems.


    Perform proactive maintenance

    Provide efficient housekeeping and repairs with sensors in hotel room lighting triggering SMS and email alerts to your team.

    What’s possible with RoomFlex


    RoomFlex from Philips Lighting is a smart room control system that combines sensors, innovative LED lighting and systems integration to improve the customer experience.

    How it works

    RoomFlex is a complete, plug-and-play hotel room lighting system that’s customized to suit your hotel. It works with a wide range of Philips professional lamps, luminaires and sensors. To find out which are recommended for your country or region, talk to your Philips Lighting market contact.
    Philips Lighting’s RoomFlex hotel room control system provides dashboard control and integrates with other hotel systems

    RoomFlex hotel dashboard  

    Your dashboard shows you all the rooms in your hotel’s network so you can see status, maintenance requests and data from other integrated hotel systems, such as HVAC systems and Opera Oracle.
    Philips Lighting’s Antumbra panel customizes your RoomFlex room control system to your hotel’s brand

    Antumbra room control panel

    Room control panels illuminate when they detect guests. Customized with your hotel’s brand identity, typefaces and your choice of buttons, they can be installed as part of your HVAC system to display room temperature and controls. The built-in clock can also trigger the wake-up experience.

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    Wake up to Wellness


    Hotel guests can now take control of their

    lighting, fall asleep more easily and wake

    gently to a simulated sunrise. It's a great way

    to improve the experience of their stay.

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