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1. Better experiences

Flattering diffused lighting creates a more enjoyable experience, helping show customers and clothing in the best possible light with fewer shadows.
Philips Lighting PerfectScene fitting room: Fitting room mirror lights that help customers make smarter purchases

2. A great brand experience

An optional wall-mounted touch panel lets customers personalize the lighting scene in their fitting room, choosing from three pre-defined settings that simulate daylight, the office or a night out– so they can see how garments will look in different settings.
Philips Lighting PerfectScene fitting room lighting can show customers how garments look in different environments

3. Easy to install

Install easily with plug-and-play dressing room mirror lights that suit 95% of fitting rooms. No commissioning is required.
Philips Lighting PerfectScene fitting room: upgrade your fitting room mirror lights with a plug-and-play solution