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LED ceiling module

Promote healing with light levels and tones that replicate the feeling of daylight and natural light cycles over every bed – plus high quality examination lighting as needed.
Philips Lighting’s HealWell ceiling module improves patient experience with light that feels natural and supports sleep rhythms

LED cove lighting

Support patient circadian rhythm with changing lighting scenes that patients can personalize by color. The soft glow also orients health workers in low light.
Philips Lighting’s HealWell LED cove lighting improves patient experience with color-changing lighting that supports sleep rhythms

LED ambient spotlight

Help care workers find their way safely with LED spotlights shining gentle light on the wall opposite the bed.
Philips Lighting’s HealWell LED ambient spotlight improves patient experience with easy navigation for care teams

Reading light

Patients can dim and control their own LED spotlight for reading.
Philips Lighting’s HealWell LED spotlight improves patient experience with a personalized reading light

Patient remote control

Empower patients to select their own reading light and ambient light settings.
Philips Lighting’s HealWell patient remote control improves patient experience with easily personalized lighting

Room lighting control panel

Health workers can easily monitor and manage the daylight rhythm for each bed, change the lighting mode for the room, or turn off all lighting.
Philips Lighting’s HealWell room lighting control panel gives care teams control of patient room lighting