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    Connected lighting
    for smart cities

    Evolving applications

    Responding to changing needs


    Third, we ensure services are future-proof by supporting evolving applications. Well-defined interfaces afford an opportunity to implement new applications quickly, and to readily link other services and technologies with lighting. Such flexibility empowers different stakeholders to make the most of their investments and discover new opportunities to serve their constituents. Many new applications will benefit public space, which is essential for the kind of vibrant city life that people expect.

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    Open systems for future proof smart cities


    Philips CityTouch connects all your city lighting, independent of vendor or luminaire type.

    It is an open lighting management system, able to connect your lighting vertical with other city verticals via open interfaces and interlink with any asset management system you have in place.

    Philips CityTouch is an open lighting management system for flexible and growing smart city environment.

    Future-proofing IT for smart city services

    A well-designed Smart City infrastructure can bring tremendous benefits to cities, from enhancing services to improving safety. To achieve this, Machina Research recommends city leaders ask themselves six questions about their chosen IT strategy. Find out what they are.

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