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    Connected lighting
    for smart cities

    Connected operations

    Deeper insight for city managers


    Second, we empower cities with connected operations. Connected operations ensure that access to the lighting network is available anytime, anywhere. Rather than supplanting existing processes, connectivity becomes part of how city departments get work done for their citizens. Better apps for technicians in the field streamline workflows. Centralized control of light levels optimizes scheduling. Over time, city managers can combine data and expert knowledge derived from city operations with other sources of information for new insight and informed decision-making.

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    Better apps for

    technicians in the field

    Future-proofing IT for smart city services

    A well-designed Smart City infrastructure can bring tremendous benefits to cities, from enhancing services to improving safety. To achieve this, Machina Research recommends city leaders ask themselves six questions about their chosen IT strategy. Find out what they are.

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