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    CityTouch lighting asset management


    Maintaining and managing your city lighting just got a lot easier. The CityTouch lighting asset management app makes the whole process simple, transparent and efficient. With total visibility over every asset in your illumination infrastructure, you can plan, analyze and manage your lighting easily and efficiently.

    CityTouch lighting asset management makes managing your assets straightforward with:


    • Map-based visualizations
    • Simple charts and diagrams
    • Workflows for maintenance work


    With clear insights about your lighting system, you’ll be able to easily identify areas with energy saving potential, reduce operational and maintenance costs, and make fact-based investment decisions.

    Picture shows how CityTouch lighting asset works

    Manage data

    Make the right decisions more easily. Bring up whatever you need to know about your lighting infrastructure with a quick click of your mouse. CityTouch software instantly displays lighting data in straightforward charts and diagrams, or on your city map.

    You benefit from:

    • Increased transparency
    • Deep insights
    • Improved decision making
    Picture shows how CityTouch LightPoint works

    Manage maintenance workflows

    Make light work of maintenance activities. CityTouch lighting asset management facilitates workflow-based maintenance, allowing you to create and oversee repair jobs. The software can interact with other systems used by the city, so that these jobs can be accounted for. Plus, with easy tracking and documenting of every maintenance job, you can always see what work has been done.


    You benefit from:

    • Efficient workflow management
    • Continuous monitoring and documentation

    Picture shows how CityTouch LightPoint works

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