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    The mayors' view

    on citizen engagement

    How do mayors view the role of citizen engagement?


    Learn how mayors view their citizens' contribution to building a smart city and how do they tap into such a valuable resource.

    At the 84th annual US Conference of Mayors, which took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, at the end of June 2016, mayors of leading US cities shared their views on how citizens can help develop and improve the way a city operates.

    Watch this short video to discover what city officials are doing to harness what people care about on a local level - on their street, their block and in their neighborhood.

    Mayors video

    With the help of citizens...

    we can do anything -
    we're an
    unstoppable force.

    Eric Garcetti,

    Mayor of Los Angeles

    The Economist Intelligence Unit: digital technology survey


    How is data being used by cities to improve livability, resiliency, and sustainability in today's increasingly connected world? The report conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report explains a number of research results, including how and why cities are using data to engage with citizens. Download the full EIU report to find out more.

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