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    About Philips Lighting
    Enhancing life with light

    Our goal is to improve the lives
    of 3 billion people a year by 2025

    We strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation.


    By delivering fresh ideas and energy-efficient solutions to consumers and professional customers, we are improving lives every day and everywhere. With technological innovations fueled by deep customer insights, coupled with our trusted brand and global leadership positions, we’re leading the global lighting revolution.

    We are uniquely positioned
    to shape the market


    Philips is sculpting the future of illumination. As one of the few companies to operate in a diverse range of technological disciplines, we are the global leader in connected lighting.


    Our focus is shifting from individual products towards connected LED lighting systems and services, LED luminaires and LED lamps for the consumer markets. By promoting these technologies, we can empower our customers to create, innovate, and work more efficiently.

    Our digital value chain

    Our 4-pillar strategy
    Adressing changing market needs

    Lead the technological revolution    


    The world is changing, and we’re changing with it. As the biggest LED company on the planet, we are pushing technology forward with inventive lighting solutions. We spend 29% more on research and development than our closest competitor to bring you the latest digital innovations.


    Our focus on digital technology allows us to connect LED lights to controls, networks, devices and apps. Customers can now create amazing lighting experiences and achieve outstanding business outcomes while saving up to 80% on energy compared to traditional light bulbs.


    At the same time as investing in digital technology, we continue to develop our premium LED lamp and luminaire ranges. We’ve achieved further economies of scale in low-cost LED lamps, enabling our customers to acquire high-quality lighting at an affordable price.


    Our recent achievements include developing a prototype TLED that provides 200 lumens per watt, which is twice as efficient as current LED-based solutions. And our breakthrough CrispWhite luminaire, developed for retail, makes whites appear whiter than white while giving colors a warm and saturated intensity.


    We’ve also done the unthinkable, by developing the world’s first flat light bulb. The SlimStyle LED home floodlight bulb has a smart design that doesn’t need a heat sink, meaning a lower price for the customer.


    Win in the  consumer market


    Consumers are fast becoming aware of the advantages of cutting-edge lighting. Representing approximately 25% of our sales, they are one of our biggest growth opportunities. As the price gap between LED and conventional lighting narrows and new applications of the technology increase, consumer adoption of LED is expected to accelerate.


    Connected lighting in the home is at the core of everything we do. Ground-breaking technologies like Philips Hue are changing the way consumers see light by giving them new ways to express themselves. By enabling consumers to interact with their lighting through the internet, we are setting new benchmarks in functionality.

    We continue to leverage our design expertise, receiving 30 prestigious design awards in 2013 for consumer lighting offerings.

    Drive innovation in professional lighting
    systems and services

    By continually advancing our professional lighting systems and services, we are opening new doors for municipalities and businesses the world over. Our LED concepts are being adopted fastest in retail and outdoor sectors, but we are driving innovation in all industries. We’re bringing together LED lights, controls, networks, devices, and apps, creating countless new ways for companies to save energy and achieve their goals.


    We aim to:

    • Continue to lead and win in the LED luminaire market, and maintain strong regional presence for product customization according to local market needs.
    • Develop best-in-class systems connecting homes, businesses, and lighting application knowledge.
    • Offer services beyond installation and commissioning, such as network maintenance, metering and verification.
    Millenium bridge



    Now in its third year, our Accelerate! change and performance improvement program is making Philips a more agile and entrepreneurial innovator. The program, which is set to run through 2017, is made up of five streams designed to:


    • Make us more customer- focused
    • Equip our business/ market combinations to win
    • Create lean end-to-end customer value chains
    • Implement a simpler, standardized operating model
    • Drive a growth and performance culture

    Our goal is to improve the lives
    of 3 billion people a year by 2025

    Innovation and you

    The world needs more light, more energy efficient light and more digital light


    Our ambition:

    Enhancing life with light