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    Brighter warehouse,

    lower energy bills

    Staci Italia,
    Casorate Primo, Italy


    Staci Italia realises 82% energy savings at their 24,000 sqm warehouse with GentleSpace gen2 with "GreenWarehouse" wireless control system.

    We’ve achieved
    our goal

    in terms of energy savings and, just as importantly, we’ve created an environment that protects our workers’ health.”


    - Daniele Conti, Staci Quality and Business Processes Engineering.

    Staci Italia
    Staci Italia

    Customer Challenge


    The company wanted a system that would significantly reduce its operating and maintenance costs, while meeting all relevant lighting regulations.

    “The key to the project was to create a lighting design that conserved energy and cut operating costs, and also provided a healthy environment for staff working at the facility.”

    Staci Italia

    The right lighting


    All lighting in the warehouse uses energy-efficient LED technology with an interactive management system. There are around 450 GentleSpace gen2 light fixtures, including those in the offices. The lights are controlled by motion sensors and an automatic regulator with wireless control, which dims the lights to 10% of their power when they’re not in use.


    The lights were grouped into zones, which are activated by presence detection or can be controlled remotely. This motion-detection technology creates a highly flexible lighting environment that responds according to activity. For example, lighting zones activate automatically when staff unload deliveries, or when staff move stock from one part of the warehouse to another.

    With GreenWarehouse’s smart energy efficiency, Staci is using lighting in specific areas only when it’s needed – enabling the company to save energy and cut running costs.


    Our GreenWarehouse system is one simple, bundled solution that contains three types of dimmable LED luminaires and wireless controls – easy to configure into zones and reconfigure at any time.


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    82% energy savings

    The team

    Staci Italia SRL


    9Ren Group


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