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    Safe and sustainable

    with TotalTunnel

    Kvarnholmen tunnel,
    Nacka in Sweden

    In both the new tunnel and the access bridge of the Kvarnholmen junction in Sweden controllable LED luminaires were installed, providing a safe and sustainable road for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
    Kvarnholmen tunnel safe and sustainable with TotalTunnel

    The tunnel lighting
    has an advanced

    control system that adjusts the lighting according to outside conditions.


    – Mikael Jansson - Responsible for street lighting in the Nacka municipality

    Kvarnholmen tunnel safe and sustainable with TotalTunnel

    Customer Challenge


    The Nacka municipality’s aim was to build a secure, traffic-safe environment and have sustainable energy-efficient lighting with a very low environmental impact and also low maintenance costs.

    Kvarnholmen tunnel safe and sustainable with TotalTunnel

    The right lighting

    In the tunnel 115 FlowLine LED tunnel luminaires are installed, connected to the networked control system TunneLogic. In addition, Philips was also responsible for programming, commissioning and testing.

    The linear LED lighting is mounted at the center of the tunnel roof and provide a continuous line of light. Two photometers are installed approx. 40 meters outside of the tunnel entrances, detecting daylight levels and adjusting the lighting in the tunnel entrances according to the outside conditions.

    On the Kvarnholmen bride - which has two-way lanes for car and bus traffic, with a pedestrian pathway and cycle lane running alongside - MileWide2 LED luminaires have been installed on curved cone-shaped poles.

    Both the Kvarnholmen tunnel and Kvarnholmen bridge now have sustainable energy-efficient lighting with long operating times and extremely low maintenance costs. The energy savings are 82%.


    Whatever your project – new build, refurbishment, retrofit of a short underpass, or a tunnel of many kilometers – Philips offers an end-to-end lighting control system.


    More about the system

    82% energy savings

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