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    Smart LED streetlighting

    system for cities


    Naya Raipur, India


    Philips partnered with Naya Raipur Development Authority by providing energy efficient LED street lights and lighting control system for the new planned city

    See how Philips LED lighting combined with amplight controls has transformed Naya Raipur into a smart city with efficient use of street lighting and ability to remotely monitor the performance of lights installed across the city

    Naya Raipur will be
    a green city.

    Street lighting is one of the most important things while planning.Philips LED lights are providing better, more soothing white light & also have low operational costs. We are very satisfied with Philips LED lighting and the way the team has executed this project.”


    - Mr. Salil Shrivastava, Chief Engineer, Naya Raipur Development Authority

    Well lit areas and roads within Naya Raipur post installation of LED street lights by Philips

    Customer challenge


    Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) plans to develop ‘NAYA RAIPUR’ as a ‘green and smart city’ in every sense. They were looking for energy efficient lighting solutions for lighting up different roads within the city.

    Well lit areas and roads within Naya Raipur post installation of LED street lights by Philips

    The Right Lighting


    Philips provided GreenLine Xtra LED street lights and AmpLight controls which have resulted in high energy savings, ability to remotely monitor and control street lights and with better light output, the roads in Naya Raipur now remain well lit throughout the night

    Advanced LED Streetlights for replacing conventional streetlights

    GreenLine Xtra

    With this latest LED streetlighting system, you get > 50% energy savings, long life and good light output
    Lighting control system through which one can remotely monitor the performance of outdoor lighting system

    AmpLight Controls

    With AmpLight controls, you can remotely monitor the performance of street lights leading to more efficient operation

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