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    Giving a petrol station

    a light makeover

    BP Petrol station

    Tilburg, the Netherlands



    Find out how light is helping to improve customer experience in the Tilburg BP station.

    Philips and BP

    Low energy consumption

    is important,

    and so is a sense of security. But the most important factor is the customer experience. Customers should experience the shop as a pleasant environment to stay in. This has been made possible thanks to Philips.”


    -Joost van Aardenne, Asset Manager BP Europe SE - BP Nederland

    A welcome atmosphere for customers with Philips energy-saving shop lighting
    Better product appearance in the shop with Philips coolers lighting

    Customer challenge


    BP cares about customers. Taking an opportunity to give one of their petrol stations a complete facelift, the company looked into how it could improve the station experience for visiting motorists. Seeking a solution that was also innovative and energy-saving, and which would improve safety for staff, BP certainly had high standards for their station.

    Shop in a petrol station lit with Philips shop lighting

    The right lighting


    With 400 petrol stations in the Netherlands alone, BP is one of the largest players in the Dutch fuel market. It formed a relationship with Philips based on our ability to deliver maintenance, the range and strength of our goods and services, and our long-term commitment to developing light innovations. When it came to revamping BP’s Tilburg station, we were ready to step on the gas.


    The inside of the station was brightened up with an LED lighting concept. LuxSpace downlights were used to create a pleasant atmosphere, ensuring that customers feel welcome in the store and are more likely to take their time browsing displays of food and goods. Spotlighting merchandise also helps to draw customers’ attention towards it, and makes product appearance more enticing.

    The exterior of the station, including undercanopy and forecourt, was lit with Mini 300 LED and PetrolLED. The undercanopy lighting, in addition to creating a welcoming ambience with clear visibility for drivers, improves safety for BP employees. This is because the long life of LEDs means that workers don’t have to maintain them – in other words, no more wobbly climbing on tall ladders.


    Power costs BP as much as 28,000 Euros per year per individual station. With energy-efficient fixtures, Philips was able to reduce the amount BP spends on powering lights by 40%.

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