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    Kungsportsavenyen - Gothenburg,


    The GreenParking system using PacificLED with wireless movement detection makes sure the light is only on when needed, saving 90% energy.



    we have received a complete new lighting system. Easily installed and set-up, and supplied via a single purchase.”

    - Nemanja Brankovic, Project Manager Bygg-Göta Göteborg AB


    Customer Challenge


    When Bygg-Göta Göteborg AB renovated its parking garage at Kungsportavenyen, the company wanted an energyefficient, sustainable lighting system that complied with its environmental policy.


    The right lighting


    The existing fluorescent light fittings – 2x 36W T8 luminaires – were replaced with energy-efficient GreenParking system. GreenParking is a comprehensive lighting system: comprising of Pacific LED luminaires and wireless movement sensors which allow the system to be easily set up and controlled.

    Bygg-Göta Göteborg has mounted 14 wireless movement detection sensors on each of the 5 floors of the parking garage. “We’ve divided the garage into one zone per floor. The number of movement detection sensors per floor depends on the construction of that floor – for example, the location of the doors. On the ground floor, we installed 1 sensor, 2 on the second floor, 4 on the third, 2 on the fourth, and 3 on the fifth. The LED lighting produces a crisp white light, making the garage feel very safe and secure, which is very important to our customers.”



    GreenParking is a smart lighting system which can save costs and reduce energy consumption. A complete package of lighting and controls, it’s both easy to install and intuitive to operate.


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    Bygg-Göta Göteborg AB


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