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    State Bank of India,
    Agra, India


    Philips LED lighting helps one of the oldest and largest branches of State Bank of India at Agra save significantly on energy costs and improve customer experience.

    See how Philips LED lighting has transformed the 150 yr old Agra branch of Indias biggest commercial bank by providing significant energy & money savings and with better lighting also helped in improving customer experience

    If you ask

    entering the branch, the cheer on their face tells the story. We are completely satisfied after changing the existing lighting with Philips LED lighting."


    - Ashok Kumar, Chief Manager, State Bank of India, Agra Branch

    Uniform light output from LED lighting

    Customer challange


    SBI is India's largest commercial bank and was looking for ways of reducing energy consumption at one its oldest branches at Agra which could also serve as a role model for taking up similar lighting renovation projects across other large branches across the country.

    LED luminaires spread out evenly across the branch providing glare free lighting helping in reducing employee fatigue

    The right lighting


    Philips GreenSquare and GreenLED, LED lighting products installed at SBI Agra branch have resulted in more than 50% energy savings, maintenance free operation and with better glare free lighting helping in enhancing customer experience.

    Philips GreenLED provides more than 50% energy savings as compared to conventional downlights, has long life and very good light output


    Experience more than 50% energy savings, long life and maintenance friendly operation with this new LED downlight range.
    GreenSquare provides high energy savings, long life and glare free light output


    Get high energy savings, long life and glare free light output providing comfortable environment to employees and customers.

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    State Bank of India


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