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    Bringing eco-friendly engineers together:

    Office lighting that unifies


    AB Group, Orzinouvi, Italy  


    Find out how Philips lighting helped this cogeneration company save energy and bring teams together.

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    We looked for an advanced

    solution that ensured a level of comfort for people working in the offices, as well as optimum management of energy resources.”
    A corridor at AB Group office, Italy, lit with Philips office lighting
    Welcoming atmosphere in the reception of AB Group, Italy

    Customer challenge


    As Italy’s leading sustainable engineering company, AB group know a thing or two about saving electricity. Their new office required a people-optimized lighting concept that met their high standards for energy efficiency.  

    Energy saving led lighting by Philips

    The right lighting


    AB group are opening new doors for green engineering. As the leading co-generation group in Italy, their new office was set to be a nerve centre for over 100 engineers, technicians and sector specialists. In order to fit their multi-disciplinary ethos, they needed a lighting concept that would bring sector specialists together in offices and strategically placed meeting rooms. They also needed a system that made use of the heat from their self-installed co-generation plant, effectively managing energy and eliminating waste.


    Pleasing these pioneers in eco-friendly engineering would require some innovative ideas. LED lighting technology rose to the challenge. DayZone and LuxSpace were installed across the site to deliver high-quality lighting that complies with all office norms. Providing the best possible levels of visual comfort in terms of colour temperatures and light intensity, these LED solutions have improved well-being for everyone in the office. Individual workspaces and meeting rooms are now a comfor...".

    Delivering a minimum of 50,000 hours’ liftetime, DayZone and LuxSpace will provide AB group with approximately 15 years’ operation. The result is a saving of up to 70% in maintenance costs - a brilliant boost for business.


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