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    Efficient lighting

    for large steel plants


    L&T Steel,

    Hazira, India


    Philips helped in providing efficient lighting for L&T Steel plant at Hazira, Gujarat

    See how Philips lighting helped Larsen and Toubro in it's vision of  creating a world class steel manufacturing facility which is well-lit and safe for workers to work during the night as during the day

    We wanted to use
    best products

    for our new plant at Hazira including best lighting products. Philips partnered with us at various stages of this project through lighting simulations. Philips is known for its quality products and we are happy that we chose them for meeting our lighting needs."


    - Mr. R. G. Kulkarni, CEO, L&T Special Steel and Heavy Forging

    Highbay luminares installed across very high ceiling processing and manufacturing areas within the plant
    Well lit plant with efficient use of day light harvesting

    Customer challenge


    L&T is one of the largest industrial groups in India and for their large steel and forging plant at Hazira, Gujarat they were looking for a suitable lighting partner.

    LED 2X2 luminaires installed in office areas

    The right lighting 


    Philips team partnered with L&T by providing a mix of energy efficient LED & conventional lighting solutions including Powerbalance 2 X 2 LED luminaires, HPK 225 highbay with SON lamps and RVP 302 asymmetric floodlights resulting in better lighting levels throughout the plant with reduced energy consumption and maintenance friendly operation

    High ceiling highbay solution with advanced features and robust construction

    HPK 225


    With its robust design, HPK225 highbay provides very good uniform light output for high ceiling applications.

    2x2 LED recessed luminaire for office areas

    Power Balance


    Stylish design, advanced features and unmatched performance makes this ideal solution for offices.

    Asymmetric floodlights for areas that require very high light output

    RVP 302


    Experience very good light output, uniform light distribution and high energy savings with our asymmetric floodlights.

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