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    No more
    maintenance concerns 

    Hero factory, Alcantarilla (Murcia), Spain


    Find out how food industry lighting is eliminating maintenance problems at Hero factory

    An employee works at Hero factory, illuminated by Philips energy-saving food industry LED lighting

    The envisaged

    have been met to the letter, we recorded consumption before and after, and the new solution works perfectly."


    - Francisco Aleo, Head of the Technical Department, Hero factory, Alcantarilla

    Men work at Hero factory in Spain, which is lit using Philips energy-saving LED lighting
    At Hero factory, these two men are working by the light of Philips food industry lighting

    Customer challenge

    The Hero factory cares about saving energy.
    Around the time of its 90th anniversary, the company decided to replace the factory lights with a more eco-friendly system. In addition, demanding factory conditions meant that the fixtures would have to be easy-access.
    Philips food industry lighting illuminates Hero factory, which utilizes energy-saving LED lighting

    The right lighting


    Environmental concerns have long been a priority for Hero, which formed an internal energy efficiency committee in 2008. However, lighting maintenance was also a concern. Peter Bleuth, Electronic Maintenance Manager, said: “The fluorescent lamps with electromagnetic ballasts that we had required almost continuous repair, and due to the machinery below, it was often difficult to access with elevation systems. So a minimum requirement for us is easy access lighting systems.”


    Energysaving LED lighting was able to meet all of Hero’s criteria. The 2xTL-D 58 W waterproof luminaires with electromagnetic ballasts were replaced with 44 Pacific LED waterproof luminaires. These durable lights create a comfortable working environment while meeting all required lighting standards.


    Not only are the new lights very energy efficient, but they minimize maintenance too. Their long lifecycle means that, with an approximate use of 6,000 hours of use, they will not need to be maintained for at least five years.


    Hero is using 50% less energy thanks to the new LED lighting installation. As a result, it has reduced its CO2 emissions by 55%, without compromising on lighting levels or quality.

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    Hero Spain


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