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    Better lighting
    improves shopper experience

    Chennai, India


    Energy saving LED lighting helps UniverCell reduce energy costs and with better lighting, able to attract more shoppers.

    See how Philips LED lighting from Philips helped UniverCell attract more customers to its retail stores and save significantly on energy costs

    Earlier we were
    putting more

    lights which were consuming more energy and costs. With Philips LED lights, we have to use lesser number of lights but with better light output. Customers are spending more time in our stores, which is directly improving our sales."


    - Satish Babu, Founder and Managing Director - UniverCell

    GreenLED downlights installed across the store providing good light output

    Customer challange


    UniverCell is one of the largest mobile phone retail chains in India. They are expanding to new cities across the country and were looking for a lighting partner which could upgrade the existing lighting at their stores with better energy saving lighting.

    LED downlights providing light output at customer experience areas

    The right lighting


    We partnered with UniverCell by providing latest LED downlights which significantly reduce energy consumption and provide better glare free lighting which helped the customer attract more shoppers to the stores.

    With Philips GreenLED, UniverCell has experienced more than 50% energy savings and better lighting due to which customer footfalls at its stores has increased significantly


    Add more to your profits with GreenLED providing > 50% energy savings and 5 times more life compared to ordinary downlights.

    Lighting that
    attracts shoppers

    The team


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