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    Superior guest experience

    increased savings

    McDonalds, New Delhi, India


    Energy efficient LED lighting helps McDonalds save energy cost and provide superior experience to customers.

    See how energy saving LED lighting from Philips helped McDonalds India provide better guest experience

    We wanted a
    lighting solution

    which looks aesthetically good and is energy efficient. We are happy that we chose Philips LED lighting."


    - Mr. Jamal Pervez, Head – Projects, McDonald’s India (North & East)

    LED lighting that matches the aesthetics of the restaurant

    Energy saving lighting


    McDonalds was renovating one of their flagship restaurants located at Connaught Place, New Delhi and wanted a lighting partner who could provide a lighting solution which aesthetically looks good & also saves on energy cost without impacting guest experience.

    LED lighting that matches the aesthetics of the restaurant

    The right lighting


    Keeping in mind the aesthetics of the restaurant, we suggested use of Latina framelights and MR16 LED lamps which apart from looking aesthetically good, are energy efficient & provide better lighting thereby enhancing guest experience.

    MR16 LED lamps provide > 50% energy saving as compared to conventional MR16 lamps

    Philips MR16 LED Lamp

    Providing superior guest experience

    The Team

    McDonalds India


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