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    Lighting that increases
    customer footfalls

    Spencer's Retail,
    Vizag, India


    LED lighting makeover using Philips LED battens helps Spencer retail increase customer footfalls and experience high energy & money savings.

    See how Spencers Retail has reduced energy consumption significantly and provided a more comfortable lighting for shoppers to shop after changing their existing lighting with Philips LED battens

    We thought of
    using LED

    lights as operational costs will be lower with no maintanence required. Customers are finding the new lighting better. Philips is a good brand and we are happy with the results after using Philips LED lighting."


    - Mr. Himanshu Shekhar Singh, Add GM Projects, Spencers Retail

    LED battens providing uniform lighting at isles within the supermarket

    Customer challange


    Spencers retail is one of leading branded supermarket retail chains in India and were looking at changing their existing lighting with better more energy saving lighting.

    Brightly lit areas within the supermarket post lighting change

    The right lighting


    Philips helped Spencers retail in reducing energy costs significantly by changing the existing lighting at their stores with GreenPerform LED battens which provide high energy savings, uniform glare free lighting, long life and maintenance free operation. Spencers is now able to attract more shoppers to its stores.

    Philips GreenPerform provides > 50% energy savings, good light output and maintenance free operation

    Philips GreenPerform

    Experience more than 50% energy savings, uniform glare free light output and maintenance free operation.

    The right lighting
    to shop

    The Team

    Spencer's Retail

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