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    Consum Supermarkets,
    Valencia, Spain  

    Find out how Consum has reduced its carbon footprint using LED lighting systems.
    Good aisles lighting guiding customer through the store at Consume Supermarkets, Valencia

    The use of LED


    as a starting point has been a good decision. The Philips LED systems provide the lowest possible energy consumption currently available as well as providing lighting of a quality equal to the Consum brand image.”


    - D. Emilio Bermell - Works Division Manager, Development Department

    Philips Lighting illuminating fish and meat to show the freshness at Consum Supermarkets, Valencia
    Philips LED lights add more sparkle to the merchandise at Consum Supermarkets, Valencia

    Customer challenge


    Consum is a retail giant; the largest supermarket chain along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Seeking to reduce its annual carbon footprint by 5%, it engaged with Philips to see how energy-efficient lighting could help.

    D. Emilio Bermell - Works Division Manager, Development Department posing in front of fruits at Consum Supermarkets, Valencia

    The right lighting 

    The new Consum supermarket in Bexti was the ideal testing ground for LED. By installing our innovative fixtures and control systems, the company could determine how much energy could be saved by rolling out LED lighting across stores. With this in mind, we began by switching the general store lighting with MASTER LEDtubes GA. This fixture is the ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent lighting, thanks to its stunning light quality and distribution, which creates a pleasant ambience in the store. The upgrade also provided energy savings of 45%.


    For accent lighting, we installed LuxSpace Accent downlights, which can be directed onto merchandise to create eye-catching displays. Walls and the cooler cabinets were fitted with MASTER LEDtubes SA. These fixtures are perfect for lighting coolers thanks to their heat-free operation and rotational fittings, which can be used to make certain products stand out over others.


    The installation of an LED lighting system exceeded all expectations. The new system produces the same lights levels as the old one, but with the added benefits of LED – clean, white light with excellent color rendering that enhances product appearance. Maintenance director Javier Martínez applauded the upgrade: “We now have a supermarket equipped with the best lighting technology on the market, which is producing energy savings of 60% compared with the previous installation. We can now be proud of having the most efficiently lit supermarket in the whole of the Valencian Community."

    The new supermarket lighting solution reduces energy use in the store by 35% -a significant step towards Consum’s environmental goals. This change will also save Consum money on its energy bills – as will the 10 year lifetime of LED, which reduces lighting maintenance requirements to zero.

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