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    Helping a bakery’s
    sales rise


    Bakkerij Voncken  

    Landgraaf, The Netherlands


    Find out how MASTERColour CDM Warm lamps helped boost sales with inviting lighting.

    Bakkerij Voncken Philips MASTERColour CDM Warm

    The difference in


    was incredible. It is now a sea of light. So bright and sparkling. Our bread and cakes look fantastic, as does the interior. These lamps bring out the best in what we sell."


    - Frans Voncken, Owner, Voncken bakeries

    Bakkerij Voncken Philips MASTERColour CDM Warm

    Customer challenge

    Voncken Bakery is a flourishing enterprise. In the last 19 years, it has grown from a single store to 14 locations employing over 120 people. When it came to refurbishing one of its recently acquired stores, the company wanted to see if modern lighting could add new flavor to the interior.
    Bakkerij Voncken Philips MASTERColour CDM Warm

    The right lighting


    Creating an appetizing ambience was important to Voncken. After acquiring four stores from a competitor, the company needed to give them a look and feel consistent with existing locations. “In 2010 we refurbished one of these new shops in Heerlen together with Emondt interior designers,” said owner Frans Voncken. “We have our own clear house style; we want people to know right away they are in one of our shops. We managed to do that in Heerlen, but the SDW-TG lamps there started losing their effect over time.”


    When it came to refurbishing the new store in Landgraaf in early 2012, Edmont suggested a new kind of lighting: the Philips MASTERColour CDM Warm lamps. “We make the lighting plans and supply the lighting solutions for Emondt,” says Richard van Plaggenhoef of Powerlight. “We considered the CDM Warm as an excellent alternative to SDW-TG. It is better in terms of lifetime and lumen maintenance, as well as the amount and quality of light. With its low color temperature of 2500K, it also gives a very warm ambience.”


    CDM Warm lamps were added to the seating areas and above the counter and shelves where food is on display. “These lamps definitely emphasize the red and brown tints. I’ve seen other lamps that make apples too green and bread too brown and it doesn’t look natural anymore,” said Frans Vocken. “And over time the effect only became more exaggerated. With these Philips lamps it’s different; the bread looks golden brown and very appealing. When we make a fruit cake with a gelatin coating you can almost see your reflection in it. You really notice the colors in the fruit. I’ve never seen that before with other lamps.”

    Helping a bakery’s

    sales rise

    The Team

    Bakkerij voncken


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