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    Efficient LED lighting

    for jewellery showroom

    DR Ranka Jewellers,
    Chennai, India


    Philips LED lighting helps one of the oldest jewellers in South India D R Ranka with energy efficient LED lighting solution

    See how Philips LED lighting helped  DR Ranka Jewellers by providing the right lighting resulting in reduced energy consumption and maintenance friendly operation

    LED lights
    are soft

    on eye and is more closer to natural lighting. It will save us electricity and money. Like us, Philips has been a pioneer in lighting. We never thought of any other brand of lighting than Philips."


    - Kapil and Bharath Ranka, Partners, DR Ranka Jewellers

    LED downlights and LED lamps installed across the store providing good light output
    Recessed LED downlights installed in the ceiling of the showroom

    Customer challenge


    D R Ranka Jewellers are a pioneer in silver jewellery in South India since 1942. For their new flagship store at Chennai they were looking for the right lighting partner

    LED lights providing uniform light output, no dark spots anywhere

    The right lighting 


    Philips partnered with D R Ranka Jewellers by providing a range of energy efficient LED lighting solutions which helped this well known jewellery store in getting the desired lighting levels with reduced power consumption. With better lighting the staff is now able to show jewellery items in their true color to customers which is positively impacting the business.

    One to one replacement solution for conventional MR16 lamp


    With our MR16 LED lamps range experience > 50% energy saving & longer life as compared to conventional MR16 lamps
    Advanced LED downlight, one to one replacement solution for conventional downlight


    Advanced LED downlight with very good color rendering, high energy savings and long life, perfect solution for retail areas
    Thinner tubelight for replacing thick tubelight

    Master T5 Eco Lamp

    Get higher energy savings and 10% longer life as compared to standard T5 lamps

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