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    Shop lighting
    that brings

    in buyers

    Deichmann Leipzig, Germany

    How LED lighting can transform a product display into a purchase.
    Video Deichmann Leipzig Dynamic Shop Window

    The new lighting scheme ties in perfectly

    with our shop concept! The shop windows are a real highlight.”


    - Wolfgang Turrek Technical Director, Deichmann SE

    Happy shoppers at Deichmann Leipzig
    Trying on shoes at Deichmann Leipzig

    Customer challenge

    Deichmann’s store in Die PROMENADEN shopping mall is right in the middle of Leipzig’s main railway station. There is a whole row of shops to the left and right here. All are competing for the attention of passing shoppers. This situation has raised important questions for Deichmann: How can we set ourselves apart from the other shops? How can we attract maximum attention? And how can we do this as economically as possible and with as efficient use of energy as possible?
    Attract passersby with dynamic LED lighting

    The right lighting


    The shop façade has just a few seconds to grab the attention of passers-by. We used the Dynamic Shop Window concept to maximize the probability of these passers-by calling into the shop. Offering lighting that works dynamically and displays both the overall arrangement and each individual pair of shoes to great effect. The movement in the shop window arouses the curiosity of nearby people and draws their eyes even when they are looking in other directions.


    Inside modern lights take over the task of effectively illuminating the shoes and boxes on the shelves at ceiling height.  The photo displays look modern and trendy, while the shoe shelves in the room are brought to life. Even the bottom shelves.


    Wolfgang Turrek, Technical Director for Deichmann SE, is pleased: “The new lighting scheme ties in perfectly with our shop concept! The shop windows are a real highlight. Thanks to the dynamic lighting, it looks extremely exciting and is a real eye-catcher.”

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