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    Bringing modern reliability to

    traditional decor


    Prince’s Gallery,
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Find out how dimmable LED bulbs are bringing luxurious light to Stockholm City Hall.

    Energy saving LED candles by Philips Lighting, lighting up Prince's Gallery, Sweeden

    This is a
    unique project,

    as it is the first time that this new LED technology has been installed in a cultural environment.”


    -Madeleine Sjöstedt, the City of Stockholm’s Commissioner for Culture and Real Estate

     A chandelier lit by Novallure LED creating a warm ambience at Prince's Gallery, Sweeden

    Customer challenge


    Stockholm City Hall is a Swedish national treasure. The Prince’s Gallery section, which is used for civic receptions by the city, is lit by 1920’s chandeliers and wall bracket lamps. Could Philips find an energy-efficient replacement for the power-hungry incandescent bulbs? 

    Decorative wall lighting with Novallure LED candles by Philips Lighting at Prince's Gallery

    The right lighting

    The light fixtures in the Prince’s gallery are integral to the traditional atmosphere. The original luminaires are designed to show off what, in the 1920’s, would have been cutting edge technology. However, in September 2009 the EU brought in a ban on incandescent bulbs. The City Hall needed to find a replacement that would look similar to the chandelier bulbs, and produce the same visual effects.


    Novallure LED was the ideal solution. This dimmable LED light has been designed to create the same warm ambience as traditional chandelier bulbs. It fits effortlessly into the same fixtures, and emits light up towards the cut-glass prisms in the chandelier.


    A total of 126 LED Novallures were fitted into the cut-glass chandeliers and wall bracket lamps. Not only do the new lamps maintain the same sense of traditional luxury within the gallery, but they also provide energy savings and reduce maintenance costs. By introducing LED to the Prince’s Gallery, energy use has dropped by 20,000 kWh per year - a 92.5% reduction.


    The LED chandelier lighting has a lifetime 20 times longer than the previous bulbs. This means that the new bulbs will only need to be changed every four or five years.

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