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    learning environments

    University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom


    Find out how LED lecture theatre lighting is helping students learn at the University of Surrey.

    Philips Lighting helps bring energy-efficient, eye-capturing lighting to the University of Surrey foyer

    Customer challenge


    The University of Surrey is a leader in learning. Its management sought a way to improve facilities for staff and students, reduce carbon emissions, and lower energy costs. Could a lighting upgrade be the answer?

    Philips Lighting acoustic ceiling panels create a comfortable atmosphere in the University of Surrey studio

    Upgrading the lighting
    in the lecture block

    has delivered significant energy savings with a fast return on investment. In the Griffiths lecture theatre, for example, we replaced ageing T8 fluorescent lighting with a combination of DayZone recessed LED luminaires for general lighting and StyliD downlights for additional accent lighting. The LightMaster controls are configured with a range of pre-set scenes that can be easily selected to suit the activities in the lecture theatre."


    -Simon Davis, Electrical Consultant

    The right lighting


    With light playing an important role in the learning process, a people-centered upgrade was needed. Philips worked with electrical consultant Simon Davis to address the requirements of each space. The new system focused on energy-efficient LEDs. For clear vision in the library, LuxSpace and StyliD fixtures were chosen thanks to their bright, glare-free performance.


    For the studio, a creative workspace where young entrepreneurs study, the concrete slab ceiling presented a challenge. Because of the echoes in the room, a standard grid ceiling would be inadequate. SoundLight Comfort acoustic ceiling panels were the perfect fit. Combining sound-absorbing material with customized in-built luminaires, they provide a comforting atosphere in terms of both aesthetics and acoustics.


    Elsewhere in the theatre, a stimulating ambience was delivered by Dayzone LED luminaires. The bright, clean light they provide can be dimmed as required, and meets all office norms. The new fixtures use the most up-to-date technology to complement the building architecture, in a way that promotes learning and impresses visitors.


    The new lecture theatre lighting has minimized energy consumption. Plus, the environmental credentials of the system are enhanced by use of panels manufactured from 70% recycled household glass and recycled glass wool.

    learning environments

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