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    Top notch lighting

    for the local sports club 

    Het Schenge sports complex,
    Goes, The Netherlands

    Het Schenge sports complex is benefiting from efficient, low-energy lighting thanks to OptiVision LED from Philips.
    Het  sports complex, Schenge

    We chose
    the right time

    to switch to LED lighting. OptiVision LED from Philips meets all our needs for sustainability and low energy consumption."


    - Jo-Annes de Bat, alderwoman for the municipality of Goes.

    Sport complex Het Schenge
    Sport complex Het Schenge

    What the customer wants


    When the town of Goes commissioned a new artificial pitch to be laid at the Het Schenge sports complex in 2012, they also wanted to install the most sustainable lighting solution available, and preferably LED. “Wait a bit,” recommended Oostendorp, a local installation firm. Good advice, too, as it turned out.

    Sport complex Het Schenge

    The right lighting 


    Soaring power bills, bright lights and high maintenance costs are common where traditional sports field lighting is concerned. These issues are a thing of the past with OptiVision LED from Philips.

    This LED lighting solution cuts energy consumption by as much as 50%, not least because the lighting can be dimmed and brightened. Maintenance costs are also much lower due to the long lifetime and modular system construction. Another specific advantage: these lights don’t need time to warm up before working. LED lighting hits full light output immediately, and dims just as quickly. Power savings, lower maintenance costs, less light pollution, flexible lighting with adjustable brightness: Goes soccer club is tackling the problems with traditional sports field lighting by switching to OptiVision LED from Philips. 

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