Ceiling light

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    • In light of perfection



      Ceiling light

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      Play a lovely tune with the Philips myLiving Piano LED ceiling light. Inspired by the contrasting black and white piano keys, its independent slide modules allows for personalisation. See all benefits


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    In light of perfection

    • 80% energy saving, compared to traditional light sources

      80% energy saving, compared to traditional light sources

      Save up to 80% energy compared to your standard bulb. It pays for itself and saves you money year after year. So reduce your energy bill and start saving Now.

    • Bright cool white light

      Bright cool white light

      High power LED source

    • Extremely long life 20,000 hours

      Extremely long life 20,000 hours

      A light source you can trust. Philips LED lights offer an extremely long-life of at least 20,000 hours (which equals 20 years on basis of an average use of 3 hours / day with an amount of at least of 13,000 on/off switching cycles). It feels so comfortable to think that you won't have to worry about maintenance or lamp replacement while having the perfect light ambiance in your home.

    • Adjustable slide modules for a personalized design

      This light fixture comes with independent slide modules that can be moved and customize to your preference. Be it to the shape of your room or to your dinning table, you can distribute the light as your requirement.

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