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Offices have changed over the years. Once single-use spaces, offices are now often multi-use facilities that depend on the availability of sophisticated and dynamic resources - especially lighting. Organizations must work harder than ever to support many different activities and many different types of workers.


Today, office designers and managers increasingly focus on employee productivity and well-being, in addition to energy and operational efficiency. Philips lighting systems enable businesses to achieve these diverse goals. Controls and connectivity mean that lighting can be personalized and used for internal wayfinding, whilst at the same time reducing energy use, optimizing spaces and lowering maintenance costs.  With the push towards smart and green buildings, the right lighting also supports sustainability goals whilst improving comfort and productivity for those working there.

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Go green, get lean


You already know it – LEDs are the ideal energy-efficient, cost-saving choice. But how about greening your building even further by adding controls? Have some areas that aren’t being used? Lights stay dimmed or off until movement in the area turns them on. Bright day outside? A smart lighting system will take advantage of that natural light by automatically dimming down. Or opt for the future by choosing a connected lighting system and benefit from detailed, real-time usage information for every space in your building.

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Boost building performance with connectivity


When it comes to optimizing operational efficiency, small changes can make a big impact. At its simplest, it could mean using the right amount of light at the right time. Divide large meeting rooms into zones and keep lights dimmed until motion is detected. Or use a connected lighting system to maximize your building’s performance with a bird’s-eye view of room occupancy rates. Knowledge is power. Imagine what you could do with a comprehensive analysis of your building’s use – shift working areas from infrequently-used spaces, alter cleaning, heating and lighting schedules or transfer an entire floor of business to under-used offices.

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Humans first


Happy employees are the lifeblood of business. And good lighting plays a key role in creating a healthy, comfortable and productive work environment. We humans have a primal response to light – it affects circadian rhythms, impacts emotions and can even influence stress levels. How can companies use light to boost employee contentment? From letting more mood-lifting, natural light in on sunny days to allowing employees to adapt their personal workspaces to their own, ever-changing needs, our lighting systems help support the more “humans first” philosophy of the 21st century workplace.

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The right lighting


Gone are the days when employees spent their workdays anchored to their desks. Professional life now is about collaboration and modern offices need different spaces to facilitate creative thought, concentrated work or informal meetings. The right lighting can help create and delineate those areas. Enhance brainstorming sessions with creativity-boosting colored lights or support employee’s eyes during detailed document review with bright, clear illumination. And the right lighting also means making the right first impression – welcome visitors by transforming entry spaces into light-filled calling cards that enforce your company’s brand.