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      SGP398 is the first luminaire in its class to bring together beauty and lighting efficiency, and harmoniously combines elegance as well as photometric performance. The SGP398 range of luminaires is suitable for lamps up to SON-T 400W. It is equipped with an adjustable lamp holder so that lamp position can be adjusted to different light distribution for flexible application.



      Strong and distinctive visual character, with a fluid and rounded form
      Smooth side-entry mounting, ensuring visual consistency between the luminaire and the bracket
      Standard color in metallic grey, other RAL colors available on request IP66 protection for optical system, guaranteeing long-lasting optical performance; IP43 for gear tray
      Easy maintenance from above, tool-free lamp replacement
      Optics: well accepted T-pot reflector for SON-T lamps
      Adjustable lamp holders, ensuring maximum flexibility for optical performance
      Choice of optic covers:
      Glass bowl to reduce light pollution
      Flat glass for minimum glare
      Energy saving option with step dimming gear system up to SON-T 400W lamps (GB). All parts can be recycled separately.


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