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      The OccuSwitch is a movement detector with a built-in switch. It will switch the lights off in a room or area when it is vacated and thus save up to 30% on electricity The OccuSwitch can switch any load of up to 6 A and control an area of between 20 and 25 m2. A detachable mains connector enables easy installation and mounting of the OccuSwitch in the ceiling, a separate Wieland cable is available for easy, fast and trouble-free installation


      Energy savings of up to 30% and good pay-back
      Works with almost all lamp- and luminaire types
      Easy to install, enables even faster installation by optional Wieland connectors.


      OccuSwitch has a smart timer that will extend the delay time by 10 minutes if movement is detected shortly after switch-off, assuming that the area is still in use but there is very little movement
      The OccuSwitch has a retractable shield that can be used to shield off areas, e.g. corridors, adjacent to the area the OccuSwitch is controlling


      The OccuSwitch is designed for use in offices, schools and similar applications, including toilets, storage rooms, etc
      It is optimized for recessed ceiling mounting and for mounting heights between 2.5 and 4 meters
      The surface box also enables surface mounting, with either recessed wiring or surface-mounted ducts
      Product family details
      • LRM1000 OS mov det
      • LRM1010 OS mov det small
      • LRM1011 OS mov det small parallel
      • LRM1020 OS mov det corridor
      • LRM1021 OS mov det corridor parallel
      • LRM1030 OS mov det switch 3 wire
      • LRM1031 OS mov det switch 2 wire
      • LRM1035 OS mov det switch 3 wire UK
      • LRM1036 OS mov det switch 2 wire UK
      • LRM1040 OS mov det IP44 180dgr
      • LRH1000 OS protection korb
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