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Scrabble MBX/QBX500 C

MBX500 C 2xCDM-R30-70W IC WH

MBX500 C 2xCDM-R30-70W IC WH

  • MBX/QBX500/502 Scrabble

    MBX500 C 2xCDM-R30-70W IC WH

    Product information

    China - 2 pcs - MASTERColour CDM-R PAR-30 - 70 W - Inductive parallel compensated - White


    Size:270.7 kB

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General Information
Duplication code
C  [ China]
Number of light sources
2  [ 2 pcs]
Lamp family code
CDM-R30  [ MASTERColour CDM-R PAR-30]
Lamp power
70 W
Compensation circuit
Inductive parallel compensated
CONV  [ Conventional]
Driver/power unit/transformer
No  [ -]
Optic type
No  [ -]
Approval and Application
Ingress protection code
IP20  [ Finger-protected]
Product Data
Full product code
Order product name
MBX500 C 2xCDM-R30-70W IC WH
Order code
Numerator - Quantity Per Pack
Numerator - Packs per outer box
Material Nr. (12NC)
Net Weight (Piece)
5.999 kg

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