Sustainable value

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Sustainability at Philips Lighting

Our lighting improves lives and creates sustainable value beyond illumination for our customers, our company and society. How are we working towards this goal? To begin with, we recognize that the world needs more light, more energy-efficient light, and more digital light. That’s why we’re leading a global switch to LED and connected lighting that will bring economic, environmental and social benefits to both our customers and people around the globe. Our lighting systems and sustainability programs aim to save energy, create safer and more livable cities, boost office productivity, help people learn and heal, help grow food and alleviate light poverty. We’re also reducing resource use by working towards a circular economy through Light as a Service. And lastly, we’re committed to sustainable operations – we aspire to carbon neutral operations, zero waste to landfill, and zero injuries.
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Our approach

Our corporate social responsibility program


Through our social responsibility program, we bring illumination and more to the lives of underserved people in communities around the world. Through light we enable access to education, health and wellbeing, enhance safety and security and facilitate opportunities for financial empowerment or simply improve the quality of life.