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Helping students
stay focused

Wintelre Primary School, Wintelre, the Netherlands


Find out smart school lighting is helping children stay focused at Wintelre Primary school.
Students at Wintelre Primary School, where Philips lighting has created a bright classroom atmosphere for learning

We begin
in the morning

with bright lighting that generates energy and we normally end the day with warm lighting that offers calm and tranquillity and in which a good discussion can be held or creative activities can be carried out. This change in lighting is appreciated by both pupils and teachers and our view regarding the effect of the SchoolVision solution in our classrooms is therefore a positive one.”


- Jane van der Heijden, School Principal at Wintelre Primary School

Students work in the normal light setting at Wintelre Primary School

Customer challenge

Wintelre is a primary school with a difference. It is part of Veldvest, an umbrella organisation of 18 schools, and it focuses on bringing out the individual talents of children. In collaboration with the Univeristy of Twente, Wintelre and Veldvest put SchoolVision lighting to the test in classrooms.
The focus lighting setting helps create an ideal classroom atmosphere for learning at Wintelre Primary School

The right lighting


The project began when Veldvest approached Philips for some lighting advice. It learned about a recent study carried out by the University of Hamburg, which showed that light can reduce restless behaviour in classrooms. As Veldvest was interested in improving the lighting in schools, it was a great opportunity to trial SchoolVision lighting in local classrooms.


SchoolVision lighting was installed in two classes at Wintelre school, with two classes at Veldvest De Rank Primary School in Veldhoven serving as a control group. This allowed researches to compare the performance of students in classrooms with and without Schoolvision.


The innovative SchoolVision system aims to create the ideal classroom atmosphere for learning. It lets teachers choose between four pre-set lighting scenarios, ‘Normal’, ‘Energy’, ‘Focus’ or ‘Calm’. These settings can be used to calm children down when they are very energetic, wake them up when they are listless, or help them concentrate during challenging tasks. Both children and teachers enjoyed the new lighting, and teachers observed an improved level of concentration.


Preliminary results showed that concentration was 8.7% higher in the SchoolVision classroom. This rose to 13.6% after one month, and results are expected to increase even further in the long-term.

Helping learning
with light

The team

Stichting Veldvest


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